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Swing Table Shot Blasting Machines

   36 inch/dia (900 mm) Single Door or Double Door
Capacity : 350 Kg. Approx
Swing Table Shot Blasting Machines
In a Swing table type shot blasting machine, the work table which rotates work beneath the blast stream, swings out as the door is opened. Making full table area readily accessible, and ready for loading and unloading, additional second door can be provided to increase the production.
   48 inch/dia (1200 mm) Single Door or Double Door
Capacity : 800 Kg. Approx

The most popular table shot blasting machine suitable for cleaning Motor bodies, Pump Casings, Oil engine parts, forgings. Many customers use it for surface preparation prior to Rubberizing and Powder Coating. Machines fitted with RLM wheel, soundabrator to muffle the noice, nihard table top, bottom perforated plate made of manganese steel which gives long life to the equipments.

A pit less design eliminates costly pit design, adequate work height clearance handles the wide range of work.

The machine is available in two models 24 inches (600 mm) or 48 inches (1200 mm) work height clearance in height.

Swing Table Machines
   72 inch/dia (1800 mm) Swing Table Single Door or Double Door
Capacity : 2300 Kg. Approx, Second Door optional available
Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machines

Swing Table Shot Blasting Machines Provides the big advantage, Eliminates costly pit constructions, machine can be shifted from one location to another; can handle wide range of jobs. Driven by 20 hp RLM-Wheel with soundabrator. Swing table shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning heavy casting like machine tool body, pump casing, fabricated steel frames etc.

- Hardened long life wheel, components like blade impeller control cage.
- Made of alloy steel.
- Giving long life.
- Wheel liner is 25 mm thick, we provide harden alloy table top instead of rubber top.
- 25 mm thick alloy liners in direct blast area.
- Bottom perforated grating made of manganese steel.

   96-130 inch (2400 mm/3300 mm) Swing Table Single Door & Double Door
Capacity : 4500 Kg. to 5000 Kg. Approx , Second Door optional available

The Swing table Shot Blasting machine driven by two RLM wheels 19 ½ inch (497 mm), driven by 25 hp two motors suitable for large Railway Components, Forgings, Compressor Casting & Heavy Components upto 5000 Kg. Opening the door exposes the work table for loading or unloading. When the door is closed , work is beneath one or more wheel units for through blast exposure. Compressed air touch up facility available.

Pit less design adequate work height clearance, replaces the air blast room, handles the wide range of work, the operators works outside of the cabinets, it is airless, cheaper, faster, more efficient, saves power, labour and space.
Single Door Shot Blasting Machines
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