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Scaffolding Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

   Scaffold Cleaning Machines

Scaffolding, Centering Plate, adjustable teleprops, cuplocks, is used in very harsh condition like rain, high - low temperature. Which lead to rusting on their wall, rust eventually reduces wall thickness of this item and thus reduce their working life. Reduce life is indirect losses, however if this items are cleaned on regular basis and paint life can be increased. Which save money and increase the safety guarantee of worker’s.

We have developed Scaffolding, Centering plate shot blasting machine around 15 years back for British Scaffolding. Machine provides 2 vital benefits, for scaffolding protection. Firstly it removes all rust, corrosion, and cement from scaffolding & centering sheet. This makes inspection of damage area easy. And also eliminate moisture which is almost always entrapped beneath these corrosion products. Second it provides ideal surface finish (SSPC – 10 | SA 2.5) for securing a continuous and effective bond between the pipe / sheet surface and coat.

     The Purpose and Function of Shot Blasting and Painting

Shot blasting and painting is not just used to make scaffolding, centering plate looks good.  But it also protects your scaffolding, which very important for your shuttering items to stand the test of harsh usage, weather, and working condition.

Once the blast cleaning process is complete then, proper inspection of scaffolding, fittings, centering sheet and components is to be done. If any item is damaged it is repaired.

After inspection and repair work, an anti-corrosive coating is applied followed by the additional coat of protective paint. Protective paint coat provides both better look and long life.  

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