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Aluminum Profile Shot / Sand Blasting Machine

   Aluminium Profile Sand / Shot Blasting Machine
  Aluminum Profile Shot Blasting Machine  

Patel Shot Blasting has developed Machine for Aluminium Profile Sand Blasting & Aluminum Profile Shot Blasting before anodizing. Sand / Shot Blasting is a dry mechanical process for surface finishing, and provides uniform surface on aluminum profile by removing all Mold Stripes Defects, water stain marks, handling defects.


Blasting media are propelled at high controlled velocity by means of centrifugal force of blasting turbines. The airless shot blasting is most economical technique among all current techniques used for surface preparation. Considering direct and indirect operation cost. And as it is a dry mechanical process it does not pollute the environment and helps companies to be socially responsible.


The sand / shot blasting of aluminum profile machine use multiple blasting wheel positioned at a calculated angles. The arrangement of wheels is designed to achieve uniform surface finish on complete aluminum profile. Wheels are mounted on the top of the cabinet and positioned above the pass line of the work and the other Blast wheels are mounted at the bottom of the cabinet positioned below the pass line of the work. Way that t he abrasive

Water Stains Defects & Handling
Defects on aluminum Profile
Aluminium Profile Sand / Shot Blasting
Mold Stripes Defects
on aluminum Profile
Aluminium Profile Sand / Shot Blasting
     Advantages of Aluminium Profile Sand / Shot Blasting
    1. Recovery of profiles that are out of standard
      • Recovery of second selection materials.
      • Homogenization of surfaces.
      • Elimination of superficial stripes because of a failure of the extrusion mold or defects caused during the handling of the profiles.
      • Elimination of superficial stains
    2. Low operative cost
      • 1 Kilos of consumption of stainless shot per ton of anodized profile.
      • Depending on the temperature of the bath and the level of concentration of caustic soda used in the process, the time of the alkaline bath can be reduced to 85 %.
      • Less chemical material used (caustic soda and sulfuric acid).
      • Less manpower.
      • Higher lifetime of extrusion mold.
      • The equipment is easy to operate and does not require specialized personnel.
    3. Ecological Process
      • Decrease of cost of effluents treatment by using zero chemical products.
      • Decrease of risk to the personnel because of the handling of less chemical materials dangerous to health.
      • Decrease of damage in facilities or buildings due to vapors produced during the chemical scaling.
    4. It does not cause structural or corateral damage on the physical structure.
    5. Possibility of controlling the final roughness of the profile according to the results wished.
     Sand / Shot Blasting of Aluminum Profile Before Anodizing
  • General Characteristics of the shot blasting equipment for aluminum profiles.
  • Proper distribution of the turbines achieving an excellent shot blasting coverage.


  • Possibility of decreasing or increasing the speed of impact of the abrasive in a way

      That allows adjusting conveniently the roughness obtained in the process.

  • Automatic opening and closing of the shot valves to avoid the unnecessary wear of

      the equipment.

  • Intermediate cyclone to perform a correct separation of abrasive/dust avoiding that

      good abrasive is withdrawn from the equipment unnecessarily.

  • Internal covering of working chamber made of cast material of high resistance to wear by abrasion.


  • Roller conveyor that allows processing several profiles simultaneously.
  • Autoloader of shot to keep the mixture of shot in the system constant.


  • Automatic process of shot blasting does not require skilled manpower.
  • The dimensions for maximum passage of parts and production speed can be adapted to the requirement of the customer.


  • Blast cleaning is a process of non-polluting mechanical scaling therefore it is not

necessary to use equipment to regenerate additional waste like effluent treatment





Passage Opening


Production Line Speed


Total HP




700 mm width x
200 mm Height


Upto 2 meters
per minute



35 HP




1200 mm Width x
350 Height


Upto 2 meters
per minute


74 HP

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