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Dust Collectors

   Dust & Fume Control Equipments (Pulse-jet Type)
Capacity : 1700 cfm (48 cumet/min) to 15000 cfm (425 cumet/min)
dust fume control equipment

Our Design are simple employing heavy duty cloth filter tubes. The dust collectors simple in installation, operation and inspection. 

Dust Contaminated air enters the hopper and deflected down wards by a baffle. This downward airflow and gravity causes heavier particles to fall directly in to the collection hopper. Cleaned filtered air exhausted through the blower. Filter bag pulse cleaning is activated by solenoid valve controlled by solid state timer. Optimum cleaning is assured. The timer  controls the length of the time between cleaning cycles and pulse duration. Filer bags are cleaned one raw at a time. The pulse of compressed air passes threw a venturi, sealing the top of the bag effectively during the cleaning cycle, Achieving greater cleaning efficiency.

We offer Dust & Fume Control equipments for Foundry, Cement, Furnace, Cupola, Pharmaceutical and many other applications.

More than 2500 dust collectors are running with our shot blasting machines successfully in India & Abroad.

   Dust & Fume Control Equipments diagram (Mechanical Shaker type)
Ultrajet-Pulsejet-Dust Collector Mechanical Shaker Dust Collector Inside view of Mechanical Shaker Dust Collectors Mini Dust Collector
Ultrajet (Pulsejet)
Mechanical Shaker
Inside view of Mech. Shaker
Mini Dust Collector
In a mechanical shaker type dust collector , dust laden air enters the collectors first strikes baffle plates. The sudden change in velocity and direction causes heavier particles to drop in to hoper leaving only finest floating dust particles to reach the filter tubes. This reduces the abrasion on the filter tubes.

The fine dust passes up into filter tube where it is trapped inside and clean air passes through filter cloth. It is necessary to shut off the air at regular interval and operate the shaking mechanism to remove foundry dust from inside the filter tubes in to the dust hopper and removes for disposal.

The unique simplified design of the dust tube collector is a result of more than 20 years of experience in the dust and fume collection filed. It is responsible for many cost saving advantages that thousands of users have found outstanding. The diagram shows simplicity of dust tube design , construction and operation. There are few moving parts to cause wear, and the efficiency of the clock filter tubes makes the dust collector applicable to wide range of applications.
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