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Cylinder Shot Blasting Machines

   Gas Cylinder, LPG, CNG, Shot Blast Machines
Capacity : 4 - 6 cylinders/ minute.
Gas Cylinder, LPG, CNG, Shot Blast Machines

We offers special purpose Shot Blasting Machine for LPG, CNG, Gas cylinders . Manual Sand Blasting & Wire Brushing was unsatisfactory, because it couldn’t keep up with production and surface cleanliness was never uniform. The appearance of painted cylinder was very poor both these situations were corrected with Airless shotblast machines.

LPG Cylinder Cleaning Machine cleans 6 cylinders / minute. Formerly it requires 8 hours time to remove color and rust from 20 cylinders, now 300 - 350 cylinders are cleaned / hour. Machine is fitted with one or two high power Wheel.

Equipment models available:


2 Blast Wheel Machine.

4 Blast Wheel Machine.


   1/2 LPG Cylinder Cleaning Machines diagrams
Airless Shot Blasting Machines Cylinder Cleaning Equipment
The illustration shows screw roll conveyor caring cylinder threw the abrasive blast. Two wheels are use or cleaning the cylinders. The operator manually places unblasted cylinders on the loading conveyor. They are than carried automatically and rotated under blast an unloaded and exit conveyor end.


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