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Steel Mill Equipments (Special Machines)

   Steel Mill Equipments

steel mill equipments



Patel furnace & forging pvt. Ltd. Has built up tremendous technical know-how in mechanical descaling of steel products and is associated with steel industry for 20 years.

The mechanical descaling process for removal of mill scale, rust and other surface contaminants has been hailed as one of the important advancements in steel production. Advantages include a drastic reduction in the use and cost of acid pickling, less floor space requirements, improved surface preparation for subsequent operations, inspections efficiency, and materially reduced overall descaling and finishing costs.
The Products descaled includes strip, sheet, plate, scalp, bars, rods, structural shapes, blooms, slabs, billets, etc. more than 20 machines are running successfully in India & Abroad.
  Different Types of Steel Mill Equipments
Mill Roll Etching   Slabs   Billets
1. Mill Roll Etching
2. Slabs
3. Billets
Blooms   Structural Mills   Bar, Rod & Wire Mills
4. Blooms
5. Structural Mills
6. Bar, Rod & Wire Mills
Ingot Molds   Plate, Sheet & Strip Mills   Pipe & Tube Mills
7. Ingot Molds
8. Plate, Sheet & Strip Mills
9. Pipe & Tube Mills
Hundreds of steel producers and processors have incorporated patel furnace and forging pvt. Ltd. Equipment as an integral part of their finishing lines. Products descaled include roll etching, slabs, billets, blooms, structural shapes, bar, rod & wire, ingot molds, plate, sheet & strip, pipe & tube etc. A more uniform etch in less time and cost is also provided on mill rolls. (shown in figures 1 to 9)
   Steel Mill Equipments diagram
Steel Mill Equipments
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