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Railway Shot Blasting Equipments

   Railway Shot Blasting Equipments
railway components shot blasting machine  
Shot Blasting is used extensively for cleaning various items like complete coach prior to painting, carriage frames, bogie bolsters, helical springs, leaf springs, cylinder liners, manganese steel crossings, etc.

We are registered with central organisation for modernization of workshops (COFMOW) and supplied more than 20 machines for various applications to railway workshops. We are also registered with BHEL, ORDNANCE Factory (Defense), BEML, and many public sector undertakings.

The figure 1 show internal cleaning machine for DLW (Disel Locomotive Works). The cylinders are shot blasted from inside with aluminum oxide to remove rust, scaleand give uniform to each surface prior to hardcrome plating.
  Railway Shot Blasting Equipments
Railway uses coil peening machine extensively for shot peening coil spring, size 70 mm to 450 mm (2.5" to 18" inch.) in dia. 6 to 8 coils are shot peened per minutes. Shot peening is also used for leaf springs, helical spring, gears and pinion to increase fatigue life of components.
Blasting & Painting Equipment
   Railway Shot Peening Equipments
Illustration shows rail rod car wheel shot blasted in pangborn machine (our business partner) . two machines are used online. One for removal of sand scale from rail rod casting prior to magnetic inspection, second machine is used for shot peening to increase fatigue life of rail rod car.
  Railway Shot Blasting Equipments
24 to 27 meter long newly fabricated rail coach including under section is cleaned in 3-4 hours in 16 wheel shot blasting machines prior to painting. Previously it took 16 to 20 hrs to cleaned in air blast room.

Shot blasting essentially gives longer paint life on rail coach. Various experiments have proved that the length of paint life depends mainly on the strength ofbond between the paint and the basic surface. The quality of this bond depends on the complete and through removal of mill scale, rust and other contaminants prior to painting and on obtaining an uniformly etched surface.
Railway Shot Blasting Equipments

Illustration shows Side frame bolster and other railway components are shot blasted. Thoroughly  shot blasted castings gives uniform surface removes sand scale and reduces grinding drastically.



   Railway Shot Blasting Machine diagram
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