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Industries we served

   Automobile/ Automotive Industry (2 wheeler & 4 wheeler):
Shot Blasting in Automobile Industry
Shot Blasting in Automotive Industry
Patel Furnace supplies shot blasting machines for cleaning Auto castings like cylinder blocks, head, gear box casing, water pump casing, crank shafts, real axle housing, Axle shafts, Camshafts, Break Drums, exhaust manifolds, transmission parts. The high production shotblast machine daily cleans large, bulky castings in spinner hanger, monorail, Cleaning is continuous
Or in batch. Shotblasting reduce its cost specially on auto parts which requires considerable machining to very close tolerances.
   Agriculture/ Farming Industry
Shot Blasting in Agriculture Industry
Shot Blasting in Farming Industry
We supply shot blasting machines (surface preparation machines) prior to painting for agricultural implements like single post hole digger, heavy duty disc harrow, single speed gear drive, disc plough which are attached to tractor. Beside this Shot blasting is used for cleaning tractor components like engine blocks, cylinder blocks, cylinder head, diesel engine components, pump casting, break drum, fly wheel, exhaust manifold weighing from 5 Kg. to 125 Kg. or more. The castings are hanged on door hook, spinner hanger or monorail type shot blasting machine.  Shot blasted water pumps are used in farming industry by millions of farmers.
   Aircraft/Aerospace/Aviation Industry
Shot Blasting in Aviation Industry
Shot Blasting in Aerospace Industry
Most of commercial airlines uses shot peening machine regularly for maintenance of Aircrafts components like jet engine blades, propeller hubs, landing gear components, turbine hub, fuel pump plunger and pistons. Peening aluminum for resistance to stress corrosion, peening and cleaning prior to plating are some of the applications. Shot peening increases the fatigue strength, protection against the corrosion and one of the most important application in aerospace industry.
Buildings & Infrastructure / Construction Industry
Shot Blasting in Construction Industry
Shot Blasting in Buildings & Infrastructure Industry
Structural steel fabricators uses shotblasting machine to clean structural steel prior to painting for long painting life. Construction industry uses shotblasting machine for powder coating of toasted steel bars, hot deep galvanizing of transmission and television towers. Roller conveyor type machines are used  for this applications. Earth moving machine manufacturers uses shot blasting machine for cleaning and preparing surface of welded components.  Blast cleaned surface gives longer paint life. Mechanical shotblasting has many advantages over pickling.
   Heavy Duty Trucks/ Transportation Industry
Shot Blasting in Transportation Industry
Shot Blasting in Heavy Duty Trucks Industry
Heavy Duty Trucks manufacturers like TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Volvo are using shot blasting machine for cleaning engine blocks, Axle shafts, crank shafts, rear axle housing, beak drums, exhaust manifolds, diesel engine components. Shotblasting provides faster and better cleaning, it saves power, labour, space, saves on cutting tools, permits easy and better inspection, thus minimizing the rejection. Shot peening application increases fatigue life of component like Coils Springs, Leaf Springs, Gears, Rocker Arm, Pinion, Torsion Bar, Connecting Rod, Crankshafts.
   Oil & Gas Industry
Shot Blasting in Oil & Gas Industry
Shot Blasting in Oil & Natural Gas Industry
Oil & Gas Industry uses wheel type shot blasting machine for cleaning external and internal gas line pipes. The shot blasting machine removes mills scale from new pipe or rust and corrosion from used pipes. The uniformly cleaned surface facilates inspection and provides more bonding area for subsequent coating. The coating can be tar, paper, cement, fusion bonded epoxy, multiple layer polythene, coal tar and asphalt coating. The Pipe sizes 4 inches to 60 inches in diameter and 6 meter to 12 meter long are cleaned in minutes avoids hours of wire brushing.
   Foundry Industry
Shot Blasting in Foundry Industry
There are Number of items produced by foundries like impeller casting, pump casting, valve bodies, automobile or tractor components like break drum, cylinder head, fly wheel, manifold covers, weighing from 5 Kg. to 60 Kg. or more. To clean this casting, it takes 7 to 10 minutes using S-550 (1.4. mm) steel shot. Some other type of castings when hanged on monorail takes 15-20 minutes for load of 500-1000 Kg. or more. The fast action of shot blasting reduces its cleaning time, eliminates delay and improves production. It removes every trace of sand, scale, oxide etc. right down to virgin metal. There by lengthen tool life, speeding up machining and grinding, simplifying inspection, improving appearance and providing an excellent surface for bonding and final finishes. It saves power labour and quick return on original investment.
   Forging Industry
Shot Blasting in Forging Industry
Forging Industry
Shot blasting is used for removing scale, oxide from forging components like camshafts, axle shafts, crank shafts, connecting rod, torsion bar, flanges  and many other components. It improves machining and grinding operation, simplifying inspection, improving appearance and provides excellent surface. Large quantities of forged components are used in automobile industry, railway, shipping industry, construction, defense etc.
Aluminum Casting Industry
Shot Blasting in Aluminum Industry
Shot Blasting in Casting Industry
Aluminum metal is most versatile, It is easy to form, its is strong and less lightly to corrode than steel. It is lighter than steel, therefore more and more car industry, scooter and motor cycle industry using aluminum parts, which are shot blasted and deburred. Deburring and cleaning of auto components in a hanger type cabinet or a table type machine is a very popular among auto industry. It helps reduce cost, improves finish, and gives uniform surface.
Steel Mill Industry
Shot Blasting in Stainless Steel Industry
Shot Blasting in Steel Mill Industry
Shot blasting of Carbon & stainless steel strip is most lucrative business today. Strip ranging from 350 mm to 800 mm are shot blasted from 2 to 15 meter or more per minute. The whole operation is inexpensive and cleaning cost is very much less approx Rs. 450 to Rs. 500 per ton.  While pickling costing Rs. 3500- to Rs. 4,000 per tone for stainless strip.

Shot blasting is cheapest and most effective method for surface preparation for stainless steel angles, channels, tee, flats, rounds, pipes used by architects as a decorative material.
  Railway Industry
Shot Blasting in Railway Industry
Shot Blasting in Rail Road Industry
Rail Road Industry world over uses shot blasting machines for cleaning rail road components like side frames, bolsters, couplers, rail wheel, break shoes, air break castings, fabricated steel assemblies, hat rack and many other components. 60 foot long newly fabricated coach car are cleaned in few hours with 16 wheels shot blasting machine. Shot blasting is faster, cheaper and more efficient operation. It saves power, labour and space. Shot peening of Leaf springs, coil springs are one of the most popular application in railway industry.
   Electrical Industy
Shot Blasting in Electrical Industry
Shot Blasting in Electronic Industry
Electrical components like motor body, transformer tanks, conduit pipes, switch gear components, Transmission tower, junction box and many other components are shot blasted. Shotblasting removes scale, oxide and improves appearance and provides excellent surface for bonding, spray painting, zinc and epoxy powder coating. Shotblasting gives longer paint life.
   Mining Industry
Shot Blasting in Mining Industry
Mining Industry
Shotblasting is used in mining industry extensively for cleaning mining  machinery components like axle shafts, crank shafts, break drums, manifolds. Mining equipment also contains large size of fabricated components which are shotblasted and painted. Shotblasted surface assures proper adherence of paints and improves appearance on bulldozers, dumper trucks, crushers, landfilling equipments.
   Shipyard/Marine Industry
Shot Blasting in Marine Industry
Shot Blasting in Shipyard Industry
Major Shipyards all over the world are using shot blasting for removing mill scale from steel plates, angles, channels, beams before layout and fabrication. The combine blast and painting facility enables shipyard to meet fully latest navy paint specification in any type of weather. Compare to former cleaning method manual sand blasting labour time is slashed by as much as 50%. Blast cleaned surface provides ideal based for painting and longer paint life.

   Energy & Power Industry
Shot Blasting in Windmill Tower Industry
Shot Blasting in Energy & Power Industry
Thermal, Gas & Atomic Power plants uses shot blasting extensively for surface preparation of components like boilers, tubes, turbines, transmission towers, switch gear components which are blasted and painted for longer paint life reducing maintenance cost.
   Dust  & Air Polution Control Equipments & Systems
Shot Blasting in Dust Polution Control Industry
Shot Blasting in Air Polution Control Industry
We offer dust and fume control equipments for foundry, cement, furnace, cupola,  pharmaceutical, chemicals, carbon black, animal feeds, sugar, ceramics, alumina, graphite, rubber, talc and many other applications. We offer mechanical shaker type, mini , ultra jet and cartridge type dust collectors. The efficiency of dust collector are 99% and it is dependable method which will assure clean filtered air for variety of operation.

   Steel Mill Equipments
Shot Blasting in Steel Mill Industry
Shot Blasting in Steel Industry
Shot blasting is a mechanical descaling process for removing mill scale, rust and other surface contaminants. Shotblasting eliminates acid pickling, improves surface preparation for subsequent operation, reduces descaling and finishing cost. Hundreds of steel producers and processors have incorporated shot blasting equipments as an integral part of finishing line.The product descaled include strip, sheet, plate, scalp, bar, rods, structural shapes, blooms, slabs, billets etc.
   Ceramic & Tiles / Antiskid/ Stone Texturing Industry
Shot Blasting in Ceramic & Tiles  Industry
Shot Blasting in Antiskid - Stone Texturing Industry
We supply shot blasting machine for texturizing ceramic pavers which are used in residential pathway, swimming pool, pedestrian foot path, government building, hospitals, etc. Shot blasted pavers becomes slip and skid resistant, easy to installed, long life durability & strength. Shotblasting besides makes ruff surface of pavers. It also removes burs with the result it is easy to lay and improves productivity at installation site.

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