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   Shot Blasting increases Efficiency in Foundry, Forging & Allied Industry (2/4)
Shot Blasting increases Efficiency in Foundry, Forging & Allied Industry
By. Mr. P. A. PATEL
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3. Abrasive Recovery System and Elevator:
The abrasives are recovered at the bottom of the cabinet by means of a screw conveyor and delivered to the base of the elevator, which then carries these to the separator.
4. Separator:
Before abrasives enters into the blast wheel for reuse, these have to be cleaned of all contaminants.  This is the role of the air separator.
5.  Dust Collector :
The last essential feature is the filtration, which retrieves dust laden air from the separator and cabinet ventilation system and discharges clean air into atmosphere for pollution free environment.
6.  Work Handling :
Various systems exist for conveying the parts depending on the type, size and quality of the items to be treated.
1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 28, 34, Cubic Feet
Capacity : 50 Kg. to 2500 Kg
Tumblast Type Machine
(Fig. A) :
This design employs endless conveyor belt made of steel link and flats or rubber belt, which does not damage the job during tumbling.
Capacity :
900 MM. 300 Kg. Approx
1200 MM. 800 Kg. Approx
1800 MM. 2300 Kg. Approx
2400 MM. 4500 Kg. Approx
Table Type Machine
(Fig. B) :
In this type of machine parts being cleaned must be positioned or repositioned on the table to assure complete cleaning of the full surface.
Capacity :
2 /3 Wheels
2000 Kg. Per Hanger
Hanger Type - Y
Straight / Loop / Monorail
(Fig. C)
In this type of machine, parts are suspended on trees hung on hanger or special fixtures and are carried into the abrasive stream.
(Fig D)
3000 MM. WIDE X 300 MM. HEIGHT
Plate / Billet / Coils Shot Blasting Machine
(Fig. D) :
This picture shows plate, sheet or structural shape de-scaling at high speed. Both upper and lower surfaces are shot blasted simultaneously.
(Fig E)
1/2 wheel
CAPACITY : 100 / 500 Kgs.
Door Hanger Machine :
(Fig. E) :
In this machine jobs are hung on the door. The parts are carried into abrasive stream after closing the door. The parts are mounted in front of the wheel. On completion of shot blasting, door is opened and second door with job hung enters the cabinet. In this type of machine, one may get 30 to 40% more production.
(Fig F)
Room Plant & Hand-Cabinets
(Fig. F) :
We offer sand Blasting Machines for removing rust & scale. The blasting is through compress Air through nozzle. we offer Portable, Hand cabinets and Room Plants.
With the need for increased output it has become apparent that 'Shot Blast Cycle' on the machine must be reduced in effort to give increased output. We have introduced New RLM (Radialok) wheel, which throws more abrasive and consume less power. In this way one machine being able to do the work formerly required by two machines. The new wheel has large control cage and impeller making it possible to throw more abrasive and better and faster cleaning.
Old M Wheel .
Blade Lock Type Control Cage Small. Impeller Small.
(Fig 4)